hmReports 4.2 available

June 15, 2016
– Today, heubach media released version 4.2 (Build 27299) of hmReports.

hmReports is a plug-in developed by heubach media (, Hamburg, Germany for 4th Dimension.

Version 4 is a huge leap for reporting and drawing capabilities in 4D with hmReports.

„The main focus for this Version was, to make it rock solid, introducing all wishes from Customers, extend existing functions and make it much faster.“ said Christian Sakowski, CTO from heubach media.

hmReports is fully certified with 4D v14 and 4D v15!

=== In Version 4.2 we made the following improvements ===
* New report property for hide and show the page list (which is now a report property)
* New report property for hide and show the report editor
* New object property for vertical alignment of text objects
* New event hmRep_OnCurrentReportChanged
* Bugfixing

=== In Version 4.0 we made the following improvements ===
* Rewritten ex- and import of the Report-XML-file (much faster XML generation, smaller and more readable XML file)
* CompRep-Component is not needed anymore
* New event for handling script errors (ignore, show debugger, stop)
* Events for handling hmReports dialogs sizes; hmReports now remembers the size and positions of each dialog in the current session.
* Global virtual structure
* Easy usage of a variable in scripts to get the total count of pages; to print: "page 1/5“
* Print management: getting and setting native print headers
* Changing the current cursor
* Setting mouse movement limits
* Clipping per layer, set each layer scrollable
* and much more (see release notes)

With version 4.0 of hmReports we will introduce a new dimension of reporting in 4D.
With Multi-Page-Design, Subreports, Barcodes and Editable Preview, hmReports offers you long wanted features, which you can directly use TODAY!

=== Multi-Page-Design ===
Now you can add static pages and/or additional iteration pages to a composed report. Also, you can design documents with more than one page!

=== Subreports ===
Since Version 3 you can inherit other hmReports documents or pages into new documents. For example: You can design one letterhead layout and place it in all your reports. If you want to change anything in the header, you only have to change the header document and not all of your reports!

=== Barcodes ===
Now you can display any data as a 1D and 2D Barcode without any special fonts. hmReports 4 supports over 60 different 1D and 2D Barcode types!

=== Editable Preview===
With hmReports 4, the user can view the final result of the report without printing. If data fields and other object don't look good in the preview, you can make changes directly in the preview. All changes are automatically saved back in the source report and the preview will be updated again, if wanted.

=== Other features of Version 4.0 ===
* Internal PDF rendering engine for creating PDF's on Windows (without additional software or printer driver)
* Unlimited Undo/Redo support
* 64 bit Plugin (for 4D v14/v15 Server 64 bit on Windows)
* Supported languages of the GUI: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese
* Much better API for guides
* Support of repeating objects
* Variable headers and footers
* Support of Styled Text
* New API for creating a Virtual Structure for Tables, Fields and Variables
* You can now change the name of each section
* New grid
* Arrange objects horizontally and vertically
* Support of line endmarks of line objects
* New Property Palette
* New events for Drag & Drop and printing control
* Direct Copy & Paste from the Finder/Explorer

=== Testimonial ===
Chuck Miller (Informed Solutions, Inc.) about hmReports:

"Your dedication to making products that people can actually use is above and beyond. When confronted by a client with a need that makes sense, like exporting reports to blob as opposed to text, you take the bull by the horns and do it. I can not recommend you or your products any more highly than that."

=== About hmReports ===

You need amazing reports, invoices & documents? Do it with hmReports!
hmReports provides you a powerful tool to create, edit and print powerful graphics and reports.

* Create reports without any programming knowledge
* Import SuperReport Pro and 4D Draw documents for a fast crossgrade
* Exchange and share reports to your customers without recompiling
* Import, edit and export SVG documents
* Open storage format of the report-blob (XML)
* Create vector graphical documents
* Modern graphical API with multiple gradients, alpha/opacity support and antialiasing
* Create Text, Rectangles, Lines, Bezier curves, Arcs, Path, Pictures and Freehand objects
* Support of stepless zoom
* View and edit multiple reports in one hmReports-area
* Callback routines to manage events
* Break processing with sections
* Support of multiple layers and pages
* Access to the database, arrays, array-elements and variables
* Add scripts to objects and sections
* Support of automatic line height depending of its content. In this case, all other objects can be automatically moved or resized.

=== One is not enough ===
hmReports does support multiple detail sections. Now you can create reports with real multiple subdetails. For example, you are able to create a report with three detail sections (also headers and footers): With hmReports you can easily create a customer list with its invoices and for each invoice its position.

=== Graphic Editor ===
With hmReports you can create high quality graphics. With the support of layers and groups, you can edit complex graphics very easily. Of course you can open, edit and save SVG documents as well.

=== hmDraw: hmReports without reporting capabilities ===
If you only need the Graphic Editor without reporting capabilities, we offer a license called "hmDraw", see below price list.

=== Download ===
You find more information here:

The download includes sample databases with the hmReports Plugin, hmReports Component and a documentation.

=== Requirements ===
hmReports will run with 4D v14.5 and 4D v15.2 on Macintosh 10.7.5 and above.
hmReports will run with Windows 7-10.

hmReports uses the newest available system API's. hmReports does support unicode and native picture types like 4D v14.

=== Prices ===
If you only need hmReports without reporting capabilities: Buy hmDraw:

hmDraw for 4th Dimension development (Mac & Win): EUR 149,--
hmDraw for 4D Runtime Volume Licence, unlimited: EUR 299,--
hmDraw for 4D Server, unlimited 4D clients: EUR 199,--
hmDraw OEM unlimited servers (includes runtime and development): EUR 1099,-- annual price

If you only need hmReports with reporting capabilities:

hmReports for 4th Dimension development (Mac & Win): EUR 249,--
hmReports for 4D Runtime Volume Licence, unlimited: EUR 599,--
hmReports for 4D Server, unlimited 4D clients: EUR 399,--
hmReports OEM unlimited servers (includes runtime and development): EUR 1999,-- annual price

Special offer: If you already licensed an other reporting/graphic-plugin (e. g. SuperReport Pro, 4D Draw, Canvas, PagePro) you can get 50 % off for an equivalent hmReports license! OEM licenses from the second year the full price.

All prices exclusive of VAT.