hmReports 19 available for 4D v19

hmReports 6.0 available for 4D v16 and v17

hmReports 5.0 available for 4D v15 and v16

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Main Features

You need amazing reports, invoices & documents? Do it with hmReports!

hmReports is a new plug-in developed by heubach media, Hamburg, Germany for 4th Dimension.
hmReports provides you a powerful tool to create, edit and print graphics and reports.


• Create reports without any programming knowledge
• Import, edit and export SVG documents
• Open storage format of the report-blob (XML)
• Internal PDF rendering engine for creating PDF's on Windows (without additional software or printer driver)
• Create vector graphical documents
• Modern graphical API with multiple gradients, alpha/opacity support and antialiasing
• Create Text, Rectangles, Lines, Bezier curves, Arcs, Path, Pictures and Freehand objects
• Support of Styled Text
• Support of stepless zoom
• View and edit multiple reports in one hmReports-area
• Callback routines to manage events
• Break processing with sections
• Editable Preview
• Unlimited Undo/Redo support
• Support of multi pages
• Support of layers
• Access to the database, array, array-elements and variables
• Add scripts to objects and sections
• Integration of 1D Barcodes, 2D Barcodes and stacked Barcodes (over 60 types)
• For Intel an Apple Silicon (M1) processors
• Supported languages of the GUI: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese

Multi page design

A report can have multiple pages. Each page can printed as it is or each page can printed as a report. So every page can be an independent report with its own iterations and sections. So it is possible to have a static page as a first page, followed by a report.


With Version 2.0 you can inherit other hmReports documents into new documents. For example: You can design one letterhead layout and place it in all your reports. If you want to change anything in the header, you only have to change the header document and not all of your reports!

Editable Preview

With hmReports 2.0, the user can view the final result of the report without printing. If data fields and other object don't look good in the preview, you can make changes directly in the preview. All changes are automatically saved back in the source report and the preview will be updated again, if wanted.

Integrated 1D and 2D Barcodes

Now you can display any data as a 1D and 2D Barcode without any special fonts. hmReports 2.0 supports over 60 different 1D and 2D Barcode types!

A selection of Barcodes integrated in hmReports:

• Code 11
• Standard Code 2 of 5
• IATA Code 2 of 5
• Industrial Code 2 of 5
• Interleaved Code 2 of 5
• Code 2 of 5 Data Logic
• ITF-14
• Deutsche Post Leitcode/Deutsche Post Identcode
• UPC Version A
• UPC Version E
• EAN-2, EAN-5, EAN-8 and EAN-13
• SBN, ISBN and ISBN-13
• Plessey
• MSI Plessey
• Telepen Alpha, Telepen Numeric
• Standard Code 39 (ISO 16388)
• Extended Code 39
• Code 93
• Code 32
• HIBC Code 39
• Codabar (EN 798)
• Pharmacode
• Standard Code 128 (ISO 15417)
• Code 128 Subset B
• GS1-128
• EAN-14
• NVE-18
• HIBC Code 128
• DataBar-14 and DataBar-14 Truncated
• DataBar Limited
• DataBar Expanded
• Korea Post Barcode
• Channel Code
• Data Matrix (ISO 16022)
• QR Code (ISO 18004)
• Aztec Code (ISO 24778)
• Aztec Runes
• Micro QR Code (ISO 18004)
• Code One
• Grid Matrix
• Code 16k (EN 12323)
• PDF417 (ISO 15438)
• Compact PDF417
• MicroPDF417 (ISO 24728)
• Two-Track Pharmacode
• PostNet
• Australia Post 4-State Symbol: Customer Barcodes
• Australia Post 4-State Symbol: Reply Paid Barcode
• Australia Post 4-State Symbol: Routing Barcode
• Australia Post 4-State Symbol: Redirect Barcode
• Dutch Post KIX Code
• Royal Mail 4-State Country Code (RM4SCC)
• USPS OneCode
• Japanese Postal Code
• Facing Identification Mark (FIM)
• Flattermarken
• DAFT Code

Automatic Line Height

hmReports supports automatic line height depending of its content. In this case, all other objects can be automatically moved or resized.

One is not enough

hmReports does support multiple detail sections. Now you can create reports with real multiple subdetails. For example, you are able to create a report with three detail sections (also headers and footers): With hmReports you can easily create a customer list with its invoices and for each invoice its position.

Graphic Editor

With hmReports you can create high quality graphics. With the support of layers and groups, you can edit complex graphics very easily. Of course you can open, edit and save SVG documents as well.

If you only need the Graphic Editor without reporting capabilities, we offer a license called "hmDraw".

Getting started (YouTube Tutorial)

How to integrate hmReports into an existing database.