hmFree 2.1 available

March 24, 2011
– heubach media, Germany, updates hmFree to Version 2.1.

hmFree 2.1 brings three new useful commands to your 4D development:

- hmFree_PDF Split (Mac only) - split one multipage PDF into its pages
- hmFree_Tiff Split - split one multipage TIFF into its pages
- hmFree_GET PICTURE TYPES - returns the internal type of a 4D picture

The plugin is only available for 4D v11.8 and 4D v12.1 Windows & Mac.

FreePack of heubach media brings some usefull commands to your 4th Dimension application:

• hmFree_GetStringWidth
• hmFree_Generate UUID
• hmFree_Week Of
• hmFree_Arabic2Roman
• hmFree_OpenMethodEditor
• hmFree_GetMethodText
• hmFree_GetArrayWidth
• hmFree_GenerateUUID
• hmFree_CRASH
• hmFree_PDF Split
• hmFree_Tiff Split

All commands works with Unicode characters. Text measurements are native (without Altura on windows).

The new version 2.1 can be downloaded at:

The freePack of heubach media, Hamburg Germany, is free of charge but you
have to register (see link).