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hmFree 4 Features

FreePack of heubach media brings a lot of useful commands to your 4th Dimension application. It also contains Add-Ons with costs (see order page).

Commands for free

• hmFree_GetStringWidth
• hmFree_GetArrayWidth
• hmFree_Week Of
• hmFree_Arabic2Roman
• hmFree_OpenMethodEditor
• hmFree_GetMethodText
• hmFree_GenerateUUID
• hmFree_CRASH
• hmFree_PDF Split
• hmFree_Tiff Split
• hmFree_acos
• hmFree_asin
• hmFree_Get Visible Screen Frame

Add-On "Outlook message drop"

This add-on provides the possibility to drop one or more messages directly from MS Outlook to a 4D form. You can read any information from the dropped message(s) including attachments. Each message is stored as a seperate file into a given folder on the hard disk. The file is in a Compound File Binary Format which you can read with the command hmFree_ANALYZE_CFBF.

Add-On "Executer"

• Write and debug 4D-Code in your deployed and compiled application.
• Execute 4D-Code to maintain customer data.
• Reorganize data and bugs without recompiling.


• Editor with full syntax-coloring
• Support of If, While, For, Case & Repeat
• Tokenizing of the full code
• Scripts are executed in it‘s own exe- cution context (sandbox-principle)
• Using local variables and arrays
• Support of pointers to local variables • Save & Load ready made scripts
• hmExecuter comes with a ready to use open-source 4D component to customize the code-editor and debugger as you like


• Display variables, arrays and elds and their contents
• Holds on TRACE command

Process HTML Tags

• Use real 4D code in HTML-Templates with local variables and loops.
• hmExecuter executes the 4D code and transforms the template into HTML - with just one command.

Add-On "Excel"

• Create native Excel (*.xls) files
* Based on the ExcelFormat library (same as Keisuke Miyako's XLS II-Plugin), but with enhanced features and fixed issues.
* Setting row height, row and cell alignments, page format feature (headers, footers, zoom, orientation).

Add-On "Smartcard"

* Support of USB-Smartcard-Readers connected to the Computer.
* Reading and writing content to the card.
* API to perform signatures and reading certificates.
* Developed for the "Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung Österreich": atrust and globaltrust

Add-On "Encryption Tools"

* Generate keys (SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)
* Encrypt blobs (AES256)
* Decrypt blobs

Add-On "Fingerprint Reader"

* Direct communication with the U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader fro, DigitalPersona
* Command for saving Fingerprints
* Command for comparing two Fingerprints
* For Windows only
* More information about the hardware:

Without unlocking, freePack runs 60 minutes in demo-mode.