hmCal 19 available for 4D v19

hmCal 8.0 available for 4D v16 and v17

hmCal 7.0 available for 4D v15 and v16

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hmCal Features


hmCal puts simply and fast a complete calendar functionality to your 4th Dimension application. It is always guaranteed that functionality between Macintosh and Windows is identical.
The advantage of hmCal is that it can be integrated extremely simply into existing solutions. So appointments, virtual appointments (it does not have to exist a data record), repeated appointments etc. in complex situations (rights of access, on-the-fly-creation) can be represented and manipulated.

Main Features

• 9 views: daily view, user daily views and day user views (team calendar functionality), multi day view, user weekly view (resource managemant), project view, month view, resources view and year view
• Multi-day appointments
• Recurrence appointments
• Import and export as iCalendar format
• Support of columns
• Complete adaptability of the calendar by programming language
• Stylesheets for each calendar-object
• Shifting and extending dates by the user, drag & drop in all views
• User actions/events can be administered by programming language (callback method)
• Drag & drop of other form objects into the calendar
• You can display appointments in complex situations (rights of access).
• Customizable colors, icons and tooltips
• Identical function range under Macintosh and Windows
• Full Unicode support
• Available for Intel and Apple Silicon M1 processors
• Visualization of searches
• Management system processes

New in hmCal

The 7th view

hmCal 4 introduces a new resources view. In this view you can display days vertically and users horizontally. Now you can see e. g. five people and their appointments of one month in one view!

hmCal 19 brings full power in 4D v19.

More features

• Multistyle-Text in Appointment Header and Descriptions
• Added support for Print Form to print a hmCal area on a 4D form
• Contains new internal graphical improvements and more speed
• Set own gradients for each appointment
• New hmCal Mini Calendar Style
• and more (see release notes)