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FaxPack for 4D Order

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Licensing System

What is a Development License?

You have to buy a Development license ony once per Company. You can use this Plugin with any 4D Developer (Mono) - Version (Mac and Win) in your Company.

What is a Server License?

Each 4D Server has to be licensed. The Plugin serial number will be bundled to the internal 4D Server number. This internal 4D serial number (GET SERIAL INFORMATION, Parameter 1) and the 4D version number has to be reported to heubach media in your order.
After updating the 4D Server (e. g. from v14 to v15) you can get, without any costs, a new Plugin-Server license, if you report us the new internal 4D serial number.

The Server is for unlimited number of Clients.

What if we develop in a Team on a 4D Server?

For this case, we sell a special Development Server. Heubach media sells only one Development Server per Company. A Development License for 4D Developer is mandatory. This Server is only for internal usage and is not for Deployment. You have to give us also the internal 4D serial number (see "What is a Server License?").
The Server is for unlimited number of Clients.

What is a Runtime Volume License?

If you want to build Single User Applications of Deployment (4D Runtime Volume License or 4D SQL Desktop) you have to buy this license. This license is for an unlimited Deployment of Single User Applications for Windows and Macintosh. We sell this license only once per Company.

What is a OEM License?

An OEM-License is an unlimited deployment license for Servers and Single User Applications. The OEM License includes also the Development Versions. With an OEM license you will always get all updates to major and minor versions. An OEM License must be renewed yearly. If an OEM license is not renewed a year, you are not allowed to deliver customers with the Plugin. Existing installations are not affected. The plugin still runs without any dialogs in deployed applications.

Do you offer a Crossgrade from other products?

Yes, we offer a discount of 50 percent, if you already licensed an other similarly Plugin. For example: If you already licensed "4D Agenda", "SchedulePack" or "CalendarSet", we offer you a discount of 50 percent for the same hmCal-license.

And if you already licensed "Superreport Pro" or "Canvas", we offer you a discount of 50 percent for the same hmReports-license.

What contains a No-Hassle-License?

A No-Hassle licenses contains all development and deployment costs under one license. You pay once and develop and deploy as long as you stay with this product version. Updates (if available) and can be purchased.

What is an update license?

An update license updates from one (main-) version to the next (main-) version. E. g. if you have a version 5 license, and you buy an update, you will get v6. If you want an update for two (main-) versions, the price is the double update price. If you want to update over three (main-) versions, we recommend to buy a new license.