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FaxPack for 4D Features

Today, FaxPack is used heavily in automated faxback systems, marketing and customer information systems and a large variety of real-time service systems within demanding businesses. 4D Developers appreciate it’s easy integration and rock-solid performance.

FaxPack v7.5 for Macintosh is Mac4DX compatible (4D v6.8 through 4D v12), PowerPC native and works with 4-Sight FAX v7 and v7.5, the leading Macintosh fax server. It is also backward compatible with 4D 6.0 through 6.7. FaxPack for Macintosh was designed with strict requirements to maintain compatibility with FaxPack for Windows. 4-Sight FAX Server v7.03 and later support applications using FaxPack v6 and later.

FaxPack 7.5 works under Macintosh OS X – Leopard 10.5.5, as well as Macintosh OS 9. FaxPack for Windows is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and ME and works exclusively with 4-Sight FAX.

When your 4D database must deliver commercial strength endurance and reliability for high volume fax shots, there’s just one choice.

Key Features

- Complete fax status and messaging
- Automated cover page selection
- Concurrent multi-process support
- Fax merge & broadcast support for large-scale faxing
- Fully automate with date/time initiated faxing
- Programmable multi-file enclosure picker
- Delayed faxing and resolution control
- Continued stability & reliability